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AC Repair Service


At Air Duct Cleaning Miami, we deliver the Best ‘A-ha!’  Moments for our Customers by, helping our customers to improve there total overall indoor air quality, fixing or replacing broken central Air Conditioners, Cleaning clog Dryer vents and AC air ducts. We service the entire Broward county, and Miami Dade County Florida Area.


What's Included


  • up to 4 hours of Cleaning
  • clean all duct run outlet in rooms
  • use spinning brush to remove dirt 
  •  Apply Deodorizer & Sanitizer to system (help kills mold)

Duct Cleaning – Air Conditioning 



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Try Our Best Air Duct Cleaning Serviecs

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We are going to ask you a few questions so we can bing you the right service


Air Duct Cleaning Miami EmployeeWelcome to the Home of Professional Air Duct Cleaning and AC Repair Service. Miami & Broward County Florida

“You are in the right place”

We have cleaned hundreds of air ducts and dryer

vents in miami 2017. You can be next

Here’s the deal:

Air Duct Cleaning Miami Corporation is the go-to Air Duct Cleaning and AC Repair Company in Miami – Dade & Broward County Florida. To adviod duct cleaning scams people trust us in Miami beacuse we are license by the State of Florida, Departement of Buiness Professional Regulation as a certifed Air Conditioning Contractor LIC#CAC1817115. Book Online 

What’s included:

  • up to 4 hours of Cleaning
  • clean removable vents
  • clean all duct run outlet in rooms
  • duct camera inspection
  • use spinning brush to remove dirt 
  • deep clean supply and return ducts
  •  Apply Deodorizer & Sanitizer to system (help kills mold)

Look for this:

When serious Allergic reaction from dust and mold is affecting your health, you may notice abnormal moldy smell coming from your air conditioing unit (ac coils) or black spots of mold and or deposits of dirt  can be seen on the outer layer of the (ac vent surface). This can be an indication you will need our professional duct cleaning camera inspection service.

What’s is the botton line?

We have the Best Indoor air duct cleaning Experts with the most outstanding local experties in cleaning dirty air ducts, uncloging block- up dryer vents and repairing or replacing borken central air conditioners. when you book your cleaning with 

13 Amazing Sevices for Home & Business 2017:

Our Specialty:

  • Air Duct Cleaning Service
  • Air Duct Camera Inspection
  • Dryer Vent Cleaning Miami
  • AC Coil Cleaning Service
  • AC Repair Mimai Service 
  • AC Maintenance Service 
  • AC Vent Cleaning Miami
  • UV Light Installation
  • AC Mold Cleaning Service 
  • AC Duct Repair Service
  • Air Conditioning System Installation/Replacement
  • AC Mold Preventsion Program 
  • AC Maintenance Program 

Best of All:

When you order any one of our paid services, we will include a free air conditiioning repair check – up, we will evaluate your central air conditioning system for simple common ac porblems, such as (ac not cooling, ac blowing hot or ac leaking water) pluse more.

We know that a dirty air condtioning system including the ( duct work and AC cooling coil) can cause moldy smells, Ashma and sinus attacks, and huge amount of dust to be seen furnnitures, that’s why we offer the most comprenisve air duct services. 

more than just duct cleaning, with our ac mold prevenstion products and ac maintenance program you can now be confident that your ac will now continue to be clean all the time.

“Call the Best Air Duct Cleaners in Miami”

 Air Duct Cleaning Service Miami 101

 Air duct cleaning miami company has the best expertise and professionals to cleaning your miami air conditioning air ducts, cleaning – (unclog) dryer vents and repair miami air conditioners for residential Homes and commercial Business. Our services extends to all surrounding cities withen the miami area including, Hollywood FL, Fort Lauderdale FL, Miami Beach FL and more, find your service area her

What is Air Duct Cleaning

 Air duct cleaning is a cleaning method use to unclog dirty ducts for air conditioning system duct work, or dryer vent ducts. There are two major types of air duct cleaning proecess currently in use for 2017 we use both  the postive air pressure method and the other is the negitive air removal method. both methods can used to clean the inner surface of air conditioning ducts and dryer ducts. Air Duct Cleaing Miami 

Why is Air Duct Cleaning Important? 

Air duct cleaing is important to help improve the overall cleanest of the air conditoning sysetm, it may also help restore air flow and effiency to entire heating and cooling system.  Accroding to our air duct cleaning Experts our testing  shows that an average dirty air ducts can collect as much as 50% of hidden dirt in an central air  system which can restricting air flow and cauee higher energy consumsion, and a other 50% of dirt can be collected throughtout all the other components in the air streem, such as Air conditioning coils, blowers, heater, air filters and inside air handlers. we have also notice when dirty air ducts is found more than likely  ac cooling coils  recommend ac coil cleaning service is recommend if dirt air ducts is found.

How to check for dirt ducts and or related ac problems in Home – Business

if you are having poor indoor air quality concerns in home or business, you may be noticing visible black mold  on your ac vents ( supply registers), dust collection on top of funitures, Moldy odor smells coming from the air conditioning duct vents, and or possible health concerns flare up, such as Sinus and Asthma attacks

a visual inspection can be made to check for dirty air ducts by looking for diry air vents if you find black dirty or mold on the air vent grill surface area, you may need a duct cleaning inspection. or simple history of your home or buienss can help, if your air duct is more that 5 years old you can have it inspected by our air duct camera to determin if a cleaning is needed

According to the EPA your should consider a duct cleaning, if ducts are infested with vermin (rodents, insectes), or if ducts are clogged with exessive amount of dust and debris.

Our Duct cleaning inspection method 

by using our special air duct camera system for viewing inspection, it can allows us to check and dertimin how clean or dirty a duct can be, also with this special duct camera service we can now evulate other components of the central air system for Repair problems such as ac- water leaks, freon leaks, dirty ac coil, and AC blowing hot problems and or clog dryer vents.

Our duct cleaning process 

Our duct cleaning process is done with pride and honesty, we respect your  customers gold that why our duct cleaing preocess it very thoural

Our 8 Duct Cleaning Steps

  1. Use air duct Camera to evulate type of ac cleaning needed 
  2. Remove all AC Vents to wash and clean
  3. Hook up duct mechine to duct work
  4. use spinning brushes or air to loose dirt 
  5. Vacuum (remove dirt) using either the negitive air method or postive air method 
  6. Deodorize the ac System with a anti-microbial solution 
  7. Install UV Light to help keep ac coil and system clean 
  8. check AC system for porper operation or repair problem

Speical Air Purifers for your home is needed to keep your air conditioning system running is tip top condition, air conditioing air purfiers such as a good UV light and Whole House AC Purifers can make dramatic difference in your home air quality. Talk to our repensitive about a ac purfier for your home

Air Duct Cleaning Miami | Professional Air Duct Cleaning & AC Service.

Providing Reliable Air Duct Cleaning, Dryer Vent Cleaning & AC Maintenance Service for 

Miami – Dada, Broward County and Surrounding Areas

You’ve come to the right place! Air Duct Cleaning Miami Company Certified Duct Cleaners does it
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Maintenance & Repair! Contact us today at 1-954-296-8628 to discuss your needs
with one of our Air Conditioning Indoor Air Quality Comfort Experts.
Get Upfront pricing and Free Estimates directly Online Today. All HVAC & Duct Cleaing Services is Back with a full 30
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Benefits Of Using Air Duct Cleaning Miami  

100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee  Air Duct Cleaing Miami symbol100% air duct guarantee   When serious allergies, sinuses, is a concern in your home or business hire only the best, Air Duct Cleaning Miami company can help improve your home Indoor Air Quality, we can Clean or remove old moldy ducts and install new ones, completely clean your AC- Coils, Install UV Lights and Sanitize your entire air conditioning system ; We are proud to be the best Air Duct Cleaning Company that’s why we back, all work done by us, with a 100%  Customer satisfaction guarantee.  Air duct cleaning miami office staff

When you hire us, our Air Duct Experts will provide a complete quote with free estimates for cleaning and servicing your entire Air Conditioning Unit, Air Ducts, Dryer vent System.

Our Air Duct Cleaning Process  We will remove all removable vent, and wash them, then using the state of the air duct machines our experts will brush the surface of your ducts while vacuuming to remove dust and particles from your Air Conditioner air duct and vents system.Your Heating and Cooling system, coils, blowers, and air filters will then be checked for mold, maintenance, cleaning an  proper performance.

Best AC Air Filtration System for your home ; When more serious allergies is concern in your home, or bad smells of nicotine smoke, and moldy odors is present it’s time for more intrusive air filtration system for your home, by installing one of our high End Quality Air Filtration system that works together with your current AC unit,  to capture small particles .3 micron or smaller, eliminate mold, and destroy virus your home air will be much more cleaner . Contact us for a wide range of Electrostatic Air Cleaners, VOC ( UV Lights), Custom Made Air filters, and odor eliminating products.    

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Our Services

AC Duct Cleaning

AC (Air Conditioning ) duct cleaning service is recommend to clean mold, Dust and pollutants contamination inside air conditioning air ducts passages, most air conditioners in home and Business has both supply and return duct work that will need to inspected for proper cleaning,

Dryer Vent Cleaning

AC (Air Conditioning ) duct cleaning service is recommend to clean mold, Dust and pollutants contamination inside ai

Dryer Vent Cleaning

AC (Air Conditioning ) duct cleaning service is recommend to clean mold, Dust and pollutants contamination inside air conditioning air ducts passages, most air conditioners in home and Business has both supply and return duct work that will need to inspected for proper cleaning,

Dryer Vent Cleaning

AC (Air Conditioning ) duct cleaning service is recommend to clean mold, Dust and pollutants contamination inside air conditioning air ducts passages, most air conditioners in home and Business has both supply and return duct work that will need to inspected for proper cleaning,

Duct Cleaning Cost – Miami Fl

Air Duct Cleaning Cost – Residental Home Air Duct Cleaing Cost.

A typical Average  duct cleaning cost  for a Residental 3 bed room house with 9 feet ceiling  can

More Reasons to Choose Us?…

Air Duct Cleaning Miami is a legal Corporation. BBB trusted for the #1 Air Duct Cleaning Service in Miami 

100% satisfaction guarantee: Our job is not done until you are completely satisfied with the results. If you are not, we do our best to fix the problem and address all of your questions and concerns.

No mess to clean up: We wear shoe covers and keep the work site neat throughout the job. We will leave your property as clean as we found it. You would never know we were there!

Same-day service available: We work around your schedule. Enjoy same-day or next-day service for your convenience. Don’t wait around for your problem to get worse!

Honest, upfront service: We design our services around your specific needs. No pushy upselling, no hidden fees, no surprises. Just upfront services that make our process that much more simple and straightforward.

Long-term peace of mind: Don’t worry about further problems recurring after our work is done. We leave no detail overlooked and eliminate the problem at the source. This ensures your total peace of mind so you can enjoy the comfort of your own home or workplace without worrying about any more unexpected issues.

Keep Your Home Clean: Order Our Services

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Kill Mold, Bacteria,Fungi,Odors  .

FAQ'S - Ask Air Duct Cleaning Miami: Answered


Important Questions about Air Duct Cleaning Service in Miami : 2016

Our Air Duct Cleaning Process
  1. The system will be tested for proper operation
  2. The Air handler unit will be thoroughly cleaned and sanitized
  3. all of the vent register will be removed and thoroughly cleaned
  4. the entire air duct system will be cleaned and deodorized
  5. the vent register air re-installed and the system is tested for proper operation
How should i know when to clean my Air Ducts?
Visible Mold on air vents, Black colored vents, You are expecting a baby, you have just brought a new home, you have notice dust collecting on top of furniture. Your home  just has constraction work done.  notice an increase an allergy problems.
How Long will it take to clean my air ducts
About 3 to 4 hours is expected for a normal cleaning, yes we can have your air duct cleaned in one day. Commercial Cleaning for business can also be done at night.
Cost of An Air Duct Cleaning
At Air Duct Cleaing Miami we offer complete up-front pricing for all of our service offered, it is listed directly online click here to view our prices Online. All Services is backed by our 100% Customer Satisfaction guarantee.
How to Avoid Air Duct Cleaning Scams
An average air duct cleaning should cost around $300 to $600, Bait & Switch Don’t fall of it. Buyer beware false advertising can easily be caught, $8.00 vent cleaning, $99 whole house air duct cleaning is just the bait, after these companies get into your home they will charge extra for every duct, and always up sell thing you don’t need. Air Duct Cleaing Miami is reputable and honest company, we do not up sell or do false advertisements.         

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