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Count on us for professional  ac coil cleaning services for Residential Homes  and Commercial building. We service all brands and type of air conditioners in the area of Broward and Miami Dade County.

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At Air Duct Cleaning Miami we are specialize in cleaning all types air conditioning unit ac coils for all type of air conditioners and brands. We offer ac coil cleaning for Commercial and Residential ac units , including Evaporator coils, Condenser coils, Air Handlers coils ,Central air conditioning coils, Chill Water Coils, Heat Pump ac coils, and Roof Top ac units coils.

Our ac coil cleaning services is providing in the areas of Broward County Florida, Miami -Dade County Florida and all surrounding cites of Miami, Fort lauderdale, Hollywood Florida, Pembroke Pines FL, Cooper City FL, Plantation, Sunrise FL, Davie, Hallandale FL, Weston FL, Miramar FL, Aventura FL, North Miami, Pompano Beach FL, Boca Raton FL, and Tamarac Florida .

When your air conditioner ac coil gets blocked up, it can cause serious air condtioning system problems and  performance issues, plus it will put a  huge strain on your ac compressor which can lead to expensive air conditioning breakdowns and ac water leaks. The two most common problems a dirty ac coil can cause is  high monthly electric bills, and air conditioning water leaks. Our professional AC Coil service at Air Duct Cleaning Miami is the best we have cleaned  over (2,000) ac coils throughout  Broward and Miami area. Air Duct Cleaning Miami technicians has the training, tools and experience to properly clean and service your air condition coils. We offer Free AC Coil Cleaning Estimates. Call us at (305) 607-3244 today your free ac coil Cleaning estimate.

Types of AC Coil Cleaning We DO

 We currently perfrom  two types of ac coils for the air conditioner unit.  one is the air handler ac oil – indoor (evaporator coil)  ac unit and the other is the outdoor ac unit condenser ac coil cleaning.. Below we have listed, ac coil maintenance period, ac coil cleaning process and the ac cleaning cost for both of them.


Residential Air Handler Evaporator Coil Cleaning

why should i clean my air hadler ac coil?

Most homeowners is unaware that their Air Handler (indoor ac unit) has an ac cooling coil inside of its belly. Yes your handler has many part to make the cold air coming out of your ac vents. Your ac coil is like a huge air filter and after years of continuous operation your ac coil will get block up with insets, dirt, mold and algae. When your air handler ac coil gets dirty it will restrict the air flowing through the ac coil which will cause you ac coil to ice up and or leaks water. When does an residential ac coil needs to clean? Air Duct Cleaning Miami professional HVAC service technicians recommends that every air conditioner ac coil should be inspected for a cleaning every (2 to 5 years) or when you notice water leaking from your ac coil located inside of the air handler. If there is water leaking from your ac air handler ac coil or ac unit call for our ac company for help right away and turn off your ac unit. If you can get easy access to the air handler put a empty pan under the air handler to catch the leaking water. Take pictures of all water damages beacuse your homeowners insurance will need them if you are planing to file a claim for water damage.    

Our Residental AC Coil Cleaning Process

Our professional ac coil services is done only EPA certified ac coil cleaning technicians, At Air Duct Cleaing miami we take pride in our ac coil cleaning service, An ac coil cleaning can take up to 4 hours to complete. Below is our step by step ac coil cleaning process and tips.We give our customers a full layout of our work so they are not left in the dark. 

  • Tune off your unit ac unit using the thermostat 
  • remove power lock out and tag unit the ac unit
  • remove all handler access panel
  • remove  all Freon from the ac system
  • remove ac coil and wash with ac coil cleaning chemicals 
  • clean AC drain and vacuum inside the air handler 
  • spray anti mold treatment in air handler to prevent mold growth 
  • reinstall the ac coil after cleaning ( ac drain pan)
  • add back and top the ac unit with freon up to 1 lb R410A
  • Check the overhaul ac unit performance. 
  • check ac unit for other problems
  • recommend for us to install ac UV light to help keep you ac coil clean 
  • Clean up and say “Thank you to our customers.”

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How much does it cost to have an ac coil cleaned?

 AC coil cleaning pricing can range from $500.00 to $1200.00 with the average ac coil cleaning cost for Broward and Miami Florida been $550.00 to clean a  typical (3.5 ) three and half ton ac unit coil . AC coil cleaning prices will also very by how much time it actually takes the HVAC technician to do the job, some ac coil cleaning can take more time to clean due to the location of the air handler, for instance an ac coil will cost more to clean if it located in the attic or ceiling. The average time it takes to have your ac coil cleaned  when it is easily accessible is about 2 to 4 hours. To get a real ac coil cleaning price or cost we recommend getting an estimate from a licensed ac company who is well trained in cleaning ac coils. Order your Free ac coil cleaning estimate.

How to prevent ac coil from leaking water?

Predroic air conditioning maintenance or AC Tune – up’s is highly recommended to help prevent your ac coil from leaking water, also customer can have an AC UV light installed in the air handler to help kill the algae build up inside the ac coil and drain pan. Homeowner can also prevent ac water leaks that can result in a flood by installing a ac Flood protector which tune off the ac unit if the unit starts to leak water.  Most homeowners is not aware of how important it is for they to have a their ac AC unit yearly Tune up – ( ac maintenance) and ac coil cleaned. Most  insurance company will not pay for home ac water leak damages due to lack of your central air conditioner not been properly maintained. Order your a- tune up click here

Residential Condenser AC Coil Cleaning

Why should i clean my CENTRAL AC UNIT condenser COIL?

Every ac unit has an ac condenser ac coil which is use to transfer the heat that was pick up by your ac evaporator coil which is located in the inside of your air handler ac unit. Your ac will not work properly when any of these coil is block up with dirt. Condenser ac coils can be both water cooled for heat pumps and air cooled for most common central air conditioner systems in Broward and Miami Florida, A dirty ac condenser coil will cause high than normal electric bills and it will cause your ac compressor to draw or pull more amps which can result in fires and more frequent  ac breakdowns. Our HVAC professionals at Air Duct Cleaning Miami recommends every homeowner in the South Florida area to have they ac condenser coil clean every year this will insure 100% of your ac condenser performance and keep your ac electrical amps form increasing and your bill form rising from to 5 to 30%. Cleaning your ac condenser coil is most important to avoid your ac compressor from over working, when your ac compressor over work it can get very hot which can lead to ac compressor damage, capacitors failures and burnt wires.  Get our free ac condenser cleaning estimate today click here

Our Residental ac condenser coil cleaning process

Our air conditioning condenser coil cleaning is the best to get your ac properly working, our ac condenser coil process includes the following. 

Our 11 step ac coil cleaning process is listed below.

1. remove the power from the ac unit by locking and tagging

2. remove all access panel to wash unit.

3. apply safe coil cleaning chemicals to unit 

4. use our special ac coil cleaning tools and training to properly clean your coil.

5. check unit operation 

6. adjust Freon in your ac system to meet the unit specification.

7. Preform our 30 point free ac inspection. 

8. reinstall all panels

9. check for other air conditioning problems

10. Check the ac unit ac compressor AMPS 

11. Say “Thank you to our customers”   


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AC Condenser coil Cleaning cost?

How much does it cost to clean your ac condenser coil?. The average cost to have your ac condenser coil cleaning will depend on the type ac coil  your ac unit have. There are two common types of ac coil cleaning, water cool ac unit coil cleaning and air cool ac coil cleaning. If you have the air cool type condenser coil this can be identified by viewing the outdoor ac unit to see if there is a fan then you are in luck it is not as costly as cleaning the water cool ac condenser coil. The average price to clean an ac condenser coil is $199.00 directly from us. Order Now

The advantages of cleaning your condenser ac coil

There are great advantages to keeping your ac condenser coil cleaned. Below we are going to list some of these advantages.

1. Lower monthly electric bills 

2. increase ac unit life expectancy to 10 – 20 years

3. less expensive ac repairs relating to ac compressor failures

4. less frequent ac unit breakdowns.

5. less pontentional of your ac unit to catch fire 



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Our Commercial AC Coil Cleaning for business.  

Our commercial AC Coil cleaning is the best in Broward and Miami we have the experience to clean your ac coil for your business and with over 2,000 ac coils already cleaned our company is certified by the department of business professional regulation to clean ac coils. We are license and insured plus we give our best work, pricing and guarantee on our labor. Hire us to stop your ac from leaking which may be costing you money. By cleaning your ac coil it will give your customers  great benefit your customers,  fresh air to breath and a much cleaner air circulating in your business. Plus get our clean air ac coil cleaned certificate to display in your business.  Let YOUR customer know how much you care about them get your ac coils clean today. Click here to order

Roof top ac unit coil cleaning

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We do the best job at cleaning RTU air conditioning ac coils.  Commercial ac roof top units can cause serious ac leaks and flood for lack of ac coil cleaning maintenance. We recommend cleaning your evaporator ac coil located in the inside of you root top ac unit yearly and to clean your condenser ac coil every two years. Get a free root top commercial ac coil estimate for your business today call us!

Air Handler Unit (AHU) ac Coil Cleaning

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If you have a business air conditioning system more than likely you will have a (air handler unit) or AHU which is used to cool the air for the air conditioning system. Air handlers units gets very dirty from continues cooling of the air. If our air handler unit coil is not cleaned it can cause serious ac water leaks, ac compressor damage, ac unit icing up or an inoperable ac unit. By cleaning you air handler ac coil you will be able to keep your air handler unit running all year long and your customers satisfied. Clean air for your business is very important that is why at Air Duct Cleaning Miami we recommend cleaning your air handler ac coil unit every year to insure proper operation of your air handler ac unit. Gets a free AHU coil cleaning estimate from our ac coil cleaning team. Call us now at (305) 604-3244   

Heat Pump ac coil cleaning

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